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Dakota Wing_2.jpg

dakota wing

(phd student)

York University


Research Interests:

  • Forensic linguistics, language and law, language of police reports, police-civilian interactions, discourse of investigative interviewing, caution administration.

Current Projects:

  • Discursive construction and appeals to masculinity in police interviews, representations of cautions in popular culture, language of police reports, threatening communications think tank, stance in the writings of a school shooters, forensic linguistics training and consulting.

Relevance of Current Projects:

  • My work incorporates linguistic analysis into various aspects of policing. I use of variety of discourse analysis and corpus analysis methodologies and have applied these in research, investigations, and for cases at trial. Canada lags behind other countries (e.g., US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Australia) in applying linguistics to policing procedures.

Previous Projects working with Police:

  • Forensic linguistic consulting and training for numerous local, state, and federal American law enforcement agencies.

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