Lock It or
Lose It

Program Title:


Lock It or Lose It


Program Blurb:


Lock It or Lose It is a crime prevention initiative that seeks to encourage drivers and passengers to take precautions to protect their vehicles and vehicle contents from theft. Aside from media campaigns and warning messaging to potential victims, this program typically consists of officers/special constables examining parked vehicles to ensure that proper safety precautions have been taken. If vehicles are found to be unlocked, or valuables left in plain sight, a notice is placed on the vehicle informing the owner that these precautions were not taken. Owners are also provided crime prevention tips for the future. If the vehicle is locked, and valuables are out of sight, drivers are left a notice praising them for taking precautions.


Is the program based on research?


This program does not appear to be based on research. No references to relevant research were identified.

Has the program been independently evaluated?


No published, peer reviewed studies of the Lock It or Lose It campaign could be located.

Was the program rigorously tested?


No studies have been located.

Has the program evaluation been replicated?


No studies have been located.

Was the program tested in Canada?


No studies have been located.


There are no published or peer reviewed studies which evaluate the effectiveness of the Lock It or Lose It campaign. Due to the lack of research conducted on this program, one cannot say it reduces thefts of autos or thefts from autos.


Mr. Vincenzo Soave, University of Western Ontario


​​Vincenzo Soave completed his B.A. in Criminology, with a double major in Sociology at King’s University College. He began his M.A. in Sociology in 2018 at Western University, under the supervision of Dr. Laura Huey, and will be starting his PhD in the fall of 2019. Vincenzo’s research focuses on police use of social media.


Dr. Jennifer Wong, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Wong is an Associate Professor of Criminology at Simon Fraser, where her work focuses on policy analysis, program evaluation, quantitative research methods, cost-benefit analysis, meta-analysis and systematic review, crime prevention/reduction, youth crime and violence, risk factors and predictors of antisocial behaviour/crime, recidivism.

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