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Dr. krysta dawson


Research Interests:

  • The incorporation of social network analysis in police investigations.

Current Projects:

  • Currently, I am working on a project in collaboration with Dr. Martin Bouchard from SFU on the evolution of the BC Hells Angels.

  • Additionally, I am developing a firearms seizure dataset for BC so we can analyze trends and identify potential patterns of firearm seizures.

  • I am also working on a projects examining the differences in homicide and non-homicide offenders networks; the role prison plays on expanding criminal networks; and the network trajectories of prison gang members.

Relevance of Current Projects:

  • My work helps inform investigations and provides up-to-date analysis of crime trends and actors involved.

Previous Projects working with Police:

  • Working at CFSEU, I have had the opportunity to work with a variety of teams including OMG, End Gang Life-Gang Intervention and Exiting Program, illegal firearms, and anti-trafficking. 

  • Some previous research projects include working directly with an investigation team where I applied social network analysis to a prominent gang within the Lower Mainland. Through SNA, I was able to provide insights on how the group was organized, areas to disrupt, and who the key players were within the specific network.

  • I have created a Journey of  Firearm which showcased how a single firearm entered into Canada and was linked to 4 different events within BC, including a homicide.

  • I have also worked with the gang intervention and exiting program by helping set up the research side of their program and assisting in the analyses required for their bi-annual reports.

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