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Dr. tarah hodgkinson

Wilfred Laurier University


Research Interests:

  • I currently explore community safety partnerships, organizational leadership, strategic planning and performance metrics and spatial patterns of crime.

Current Projects:

  • Leadership and strategic planning - CAPG

  • Crime displacement and policing alternatives - Saskatoon Police Service 

  • Policing alternatives and community perceptions of safety - Brantford Police Service

Relevance of Current Projects:

  • I work directly with police services to address emerging issues. As a result, much of my research explores questions and issues that are developed in partnership with police. These include issues of organizational reform, police leadership, the role of the police in the 21st century, performance measurement and community safety.

Previous Projects working with Police:

  • My PhD research explored community safety partnerships among 6 services I worked with.

  • Covid and crime - Saskatoon Police Service

  • Pharmacy robbery prevention - Vancouver Police Department 

  • Organizational reform at the unit level - Calgary Police Department

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