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Dr. rosemary ricciardelli

Memorial University


Research Interests:

  • Mental health and well-being of police, experiences policing in different units, police training and gender experiences.

Current Projects:

  • I am currently exploring the mental health and well-being of police.

  • I also am starting a project looking at a mobile co-response unit in Newfoundland and Labrador.

  • I also have a project that looks at police experiences policing the sex offender registry.

  • I have a current project looking at Emergency Response Teams across the country.

  • I am working on a project with detachment services assistants as well.

  • I also have a lot of projects in Correctional Services I am actively working on.

Relevance of Current Projects:

  • My work is designed to positively impact the mental health and well-being of our police service members in Canada.

Previous Projects working with Police:

  • ​I have worked in collaboration with the RCMP in NL, B Division, studying the implementation of the Youth Criminal Justice Act and the realities of organizational and operational stressors for police working in rural and remote communities. I have also studied experiences of police working in Sexual Assault, Child Abuse and Internet Child Exploitation Units.

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