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The Program

This program provides an opportunity for Canadian police officers to enhance their knowledge and understanding of criminal justice research through direct participation as a member of a research team. Each year, a selected ‘scholar’ will work directly under the supervision of an established researcher, and in collaboration with other team members to help create, execute and present a piece of research. The project will be determined each year by the supervisor and there is an expectation that the Virtual Scholar will join the team to present her or his research at a major national or international conference, and/or publish in a peer reviewed journal. Scholars will also be asked to participate virtually in the evidence-based policing community, through webinars, Twitter engagement and other activities aimed at documenting their growth as researchers and promoting their work products. We also welcome other types of contributions to community engagement. Although Scholars may visit the team in person, there is no requirement they do so and, beyond travel costs associated with a potential conference or workshop presentations, there are no other costs involved in this program.

​The Requirements

  • A sworn Canadian police officer at the rank of Constable, Corporal, Sergeant or Staff-Sergeant.

  • A college or university background may be helpful but is not required.

  • Evidence of departmental support.

  • The ability to commit time to learn and master basic research tasks, these include:

    • how to conduct a literature review,

    • how to write up a discussion of research methods,

    • how to work with others to analyze data,

    • how to present research to academic and police audiences.

  • Operational or other knowledge of the research subject is helpful but not required.

  • Evidence of strong writing skills.

  • The ability and willingness to participate in the global EBP community as the CAN-SEBP Virtual Scholar in Residence and as a representative of the research team.

  • Scholars who are unable to make the time commitment and do not complete assignments within a reasonable time will be terminated from the program.

Application Requirements

Interested applicants are asked to submit the following in pdf format:

  • A current CV/resume.

  • A concise one-page ‘essay’ outlining the reasons the candidate is interested in applying for this opportunity and the types of skills and knowledge they feel they will be able to contribute to the team.

  • A letter from a supervisor indicating they support the application and believe the applicant, and their police service, would benefit from knowledge gained.

  • These documents should be emailed to  

  • Incomplete applications will be not accepted.


Application deadline: January 21, 2022

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