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Can-SEBP was founded on the recognition that there was a lack of high quality Canadian policing research. Its aim then was to facilitate work that is greatly needed to inform government policy and professional practice. The overall vision was simple:


to support the development of a police science by growing the internal capacity of police agencies to generate their own research and to use that research to inform evidence-based practice.


Where possible, we also assist police services and policy-makers by helping them to identify applied researchers to answer pressing questions, some of them of important policy or other interest. Why? Because we recognize the challenges facing Canadian policing and believe that high-quality research evidence can play a critical role in formulating sound policies and practices. That said, Can-SEBP will always focus on the science and not on politics. Nor will we compromise this commitment because of political or public pressure.


To be an authority in Canadian policing research, we recognize our limitations but also our strengths:

  1. Can-SEBP is not a think tank nor a non-profit. It is also not funded by any entity, including universities or police departments.

  2. Can-SEBP's core administrative team is made up of volunteers who are fully employed policing professionals.


With these limitations, Can-SEBP intends to lead in Canadian policing research through leveraging our strengths by:

  1. Empowering people to get involved in research creation, use and sharing,

  2. Working on specific, but a limited number of projects based on strategic partnerships with individuals and groups who share our values and are committed to evidence-based policing,

  3. Connecting people interested in a topic to subject matter experts.

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