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Our Vision: The Creation of Tools to Empower Police to Make Evidence Based Decisions

Formed in April 2015, the Canadian Society of Evidence-Based Policing (CAN-SEBP) is an association of police practitioners, academic researchers, public policy-makers and others, whose mission is to foster the creation and mobilization of quality research in order to make evidence based approaches a cornerstone of policing in Canada.

Empowerment: putting quality educational tools into the hands of police practitioners to help them to engage in using evidence-based decision-making to further Canadian policing excellence.

  • education: creating and sharing knowledge

  • accessibility: products and services that are easy for anyone to use at any level of knowledge

  • quality: products of which we can be proud

  • inclusivity: no matter who you are, or what you do, we want to support you in meeting your goals to create the best policing environment


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