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Founded by Dr. Laura Huey in April 2015, the Canadian Society of Evidence-Based Policing

(Can-SEBP) is an association of police practitioners, academic researchers, public policy-makers & others.


Canadian police agencies actively generating, using, & sharing high quality applied research among police practitioners, the public, policy makers, & researchers

2022 Strategic Goals

1. Understand Our Membership & Their Needs: To continually seek innovative ways to identify our membership needs, provide more effective support, & ensure Canadian policing becomes increasingly more evidence-based.

2. Building Capacity & Sustainability: To continue to build relationships with like-minded experts, identify sustainable resources & funding, create volunteer opportunities, & build on the successes of our Virtual Scholars program.

3. Increasing our National & Global Presence: To actively communicate with our membership and the greater policing profession, while developing formalized partnerships with national and international organizations.

4. Establishing Can-SEBP as an incorporated non-profit: To seek & obtain federal legal status with adopted bylaws, voting rights & procedures, and a Board of Directors.


To empower Canadian police agencies to develop an internal capacity within their agencies to generate, use, and share high quality applied research to help inform evidence-based police practice in Canada.

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