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Video-logs on Evidence-Based Policing!

"Coming to Evidence-Based Policing as a Street Cop"

By: Jason Potts

Sergeant, Vallejo Police Department

American Society of Evidence-Based Policing  

"The Value of Evidence-Based Policing" (French)

By: Remi Boivin

Associate Professor, Universite de Montreal

"Do You Need a Degree to Think Like a Pracademic?"

By: Keiron McConnell

​Sergeant, Vancouver Police Department (Ph.D.) Instructor, Kwantlen University College

"Research on

Emotional Intelligence"   

By: Obed Magny

​Police Officer, Sacramento Police Dept. (Ed.D)  

American Society of Evidence-Based Policing 

"Why Should Senior

Officers Embrace EBP?"

By: Peter Martin

​Deputy Commissioner, Queensland Police Service  

Chairperson, Australia-New Zealand Society of Evidence-Based Policing   

"On Predictive Analytics"

By: Martin Bouchard

Professor, Simon Fraser University

Director, International Cybercrime Research Centre

"What is Evidence-Based Policing?"

By: Jerry Ratcliffe

Professor, Temple University

"Research Literacy"

By: Chris Giacomantonio
Research Coordinator, Halifax Regional Police

"Why are Researchers Interested

in Evidence-Based Policing?"

By: Cody Telep

Assistant Professor, Arizona State University 

"Police Data"

 By: Stephen Bishopp

Sergeant, Dallas Police Department

A/Director, Caruth Institute

"Why Research is Important for Investigators"

By: Mark Fallon

D/Commander, Criminal Investigation Task Force (ret.)

"The Value of EBP for Canadian Policing"

By: Bill Moore

Deputy Chief, Halifax Regional Police

CAN-SEBP Partner Rep.

"Embracing Failure"

By: Alex Murray

Chief Superintendent, West Midlands Police

Vice Chair, Society of Evidence-Based Policing 

"EBP and Police Leadership"

By: Steve Brown

Deputy Commissioner, Western Australia Police

ANZ Society of Evidence-Based Policing 

"Testing and Tracking"

By: Renee Mitchell

Sergeant, Sacramento Police Department

President, American Society of Evidence-Based Policing 

 "The Growth of EBP"

By: Peter Neyroud

Chief Constable (ret.), Thames Valley Police

Lecturer, University of Cambridge

"Police Data"

By: Jerry Ratcliffe

Professor, Temple University

"Garbage In, Garbage Out"

By: Jason Potts

Sergeant, Vallejo Police Department

American Society of Evidence-Based Policing  

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